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"Is any among you sick?"

James 5:14

          This question in the letter of James points us to an important responsibility that we all bear as people of faith. When the author of this letter asks, "Is any among you sick?", it is not a question which asks for information to put on a list-it is a reminder of Christian responsibility and action. Read James 5:14-18.

          Believers were to take action on behalf of all those who were ill. They were to be visited and prayed over. They were anointed with oil in the name of the Lord. Believers were to confess their sins to one another and pray for each other.

          The challenge that we face as people of faith is that we do not take this responsibility of praying for those who are sick and ill seriously enough. We have a weekly prayer list in the bulletin, but do we really take seriously the example to pray that is set forth in the letter to James? 

          The letter of James promises us that there is great power in praying for others. Our prayers are a part of the healing power and presence of God. This letter reminds us that we are invited and encouraged to be a part of sharing God's healing presence with God's people. 

          Set aside time each day to ask for God's healing presence to be a part of their lives. Pray for your healing. We will focus on God's healing power and presence during our Lenten worship services. Come join Us.

          Lord of Life Lutheran Church will offer four classes in some of the basics beliefs of the Christian Faith. We will look at the Bible, Baptism, Holy Communion & Prayer. These classes are for someone who is unfamiliar with these basic teachings or for anyone who wants to renew their knowledge. We will meet Wed. evenings.

                    Yours in Christ,

                                                  Pastor Michael